EMF-Med 2018

1st EMF-Med World Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields 

Split, 10-13 September 2018

Contribute to development and optimization of innovative EMF-based medical devices and procedures, which will be safer, more efficient and less invasive! 

First announcement

About EMF-Med conference

The conference is organized to promote systematical research and development of EMF-Med topics: beneficial biomedical interactions and applications of electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

Inspired by promising recent studies, EMF-Med focuses on medically applicable effects of EMFs, aiming for breakthrough results, new discoveries and innovative biomedical technologies.  

The systematical approach to EMF-Med applications requires a dedicated community - a world-wide concerted R&D network - to sustain the required interdisciplinary knowledge: underlying biological mechanisms, knowledgable engineering, reliable setups - having medical applications and patient benefit as the final goal.


The conference is also the outcome and the final event of a 4-year research coordination project COST EMF-MED: European network for innovative uses of EMFs in biomedical applications, involving 35 countries and 350+ researchers. 

COST EMF-MED – the very first research initiative in the world to systematically and comprehensively approach the topic of beneficial effects of EMFs – provides a cooperative framework to support the research on beneficial biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their use in biomedical applications.

Conference topics

Cancer/Non-cancer EMF interactions and applications; EMF dosimetry – in silico tools & measurements:

  • Thermal and non-thermal EMF-based cancer interactions and applications 
  • EMF stimulation of excitable and non-excitable tissues - electroceuticals, bioelectronic medicine
  • EMF and neuromodulation – CNS and PNS electrostimulation  
  • EMF-based neural repair and regeneration 
  • Electromagnetic hyperthermia  
  • Electromagnetic (RF, microwave) thermal ablation  
  • Electroporation 
  • Novel modalities for non-thermal EMF-based cancer treatment 
  • EMF-based (microwave) medical imaging 
  • EMF and immune response 
  • Genes and cellular mechanisms involved in biological EMF interactions 
  • EMF-based tissue regeneration 
  • EMF applications in aesthetic medicine 
  • EMF-mediated drug delivery 
  • Nanoparticles in EMF-Med applications 
  • Functionalized, integrated, multi-level anatomical models and tools 
  • Dielectric properties of biological tissues 
  • Neural tissue electromagnetic models 
  • EMF microdosimetry 
  • Experimental setups for EMF-Med related research 
  • other medical procedures, applications, and technologies that are essentially and functionally based on EMFs.

Industry participation is welcome.

Conference Info


  • Special Session proposal Deadline: February 2018
  • Workshops, Tutorials and Short Courses proposals: March 2018
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: April 2018  
  • Notification of acceptance, early registration: May 2018 
  • Conference dates: 10-13 September 2018
  • Co-located side-event: 1st EMF-Med Training School on Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields, 13-15 September 2018

Organizing Committee:

  • Antonio Šarolić (Conference Chair) 
  • Mirjana Moser (Conference co-Chair)
  • Gerard van Rhoon
  • Lluis Mir
  • Niels Kuster
  • Stavros Koulouridis (student and young researcher activities) 


Support from related societies and organizations is welcome (please contact the conference organization).

Venue and organization

Organized by: FESB, University of Split

Co-organized by:

  • COST EMF-MED (Action BM1309)
  • School of Medicine, University of Split
  • European BioElectromagnetics Association

Supported by:

  • IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Croatia Chapter
  • IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Croatia Chapter
  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Croatia Chapter
  • IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Croatia Chapter

FESB, University of Split, CROATIA

Fesb, R. Boškovića 32, Split, Splitsko-dalmatinska županija, Croatia

CONTACT: cost-emf-med@fesb.hr

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Split is situated at the Adriatic coast and features a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers. September is practically a summer month, providing plenty of beach time with more pleasant temperatures (less heat) than July and August (see weather statistics).

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Split: Awarded Croatia's Best City Break Destination and Best Destination of the Year 2017

Centrally located on the Adriatic coast and well connected, Split provides the most convenient base to visit nearby beatiful Dalmatian islands, national parks, and other popular destinations like Dubrovnik, Trogir, Sibenik, Zadar etc.